Your Car Is Asking for Help!

One thing our technicians would like all car owners to know is the difference between auto repairs and preventative maintenance. If your tire is flat or your engine is smoking, you know to bring your car in to a professional. In that instance, you are going in for a repair. It’s the equivalent of going in for an emergency appendectomy because you have terrible abdominal pain. You are responding to the pain and going in for a fix. At Kempsville Auto Care Center, we want owners to know that you don’t have to wait for your car to malfunction before you come in for a check-up. Well-kept vehicles have an ongoing schedule of preventative maintenance that includes services to keep your car in good performance while preventing future damage. Here are a few services we regularly perform on vehicles and the benefits they provide:

Wheel Alignment: Where the rubber meets the road! During a wheel alignment, we check the angle at which your tires meet the road and make sure the brunt of the load is taking on the center of the tire tread. This prevents weak spots developing and an eventual blow-out while you’re driving down I-64.

Tire Rotation: Following on the concern for the tread on your tires, if weak spots do develop, rotating the tires will move the over-worn tires and give the others a chance to even out their treads.

Oil Change: Presumably, you know this one, but we need to mention it. Think about the used oil leftover at the end of cooking a meal, with little bits floating in it and a cloudy effect. Over time, the oil in your vehicle accumulates imperfections, too, and the dirtier it is the less effective it is as a lubricant for your vital engine parts. The harder the job for your engine, the more it overheats and the harder it has to work.

Bonus: An added benefit of preventative maintenance, is that, while the technicians perform oil changes and tire rotations, they take the opportunity to inspect those areas of the vehicle. Should they see a fault developing, we can bring it to your attention for a repair before it affects the performance of the vehicle.

In Virginia Beach, our vehicles experience a lot of road hazards and harsh weather. Our vehicles need more attention because of the corroding effects of sea salt and the sand and gravel on our roads. Call Kempsville Auto Care Center today to speak with our staff about scheduling your preventative maintenance appointment: 757-671-1676.