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Top 5 Ways to Make Brakes Last Longer

The brakes are the most important safety component on your vehicle. If you notice a performance issue, it’s wise to get them checked out right away. Find out the truth about your vehicle’s braking system and receive the brake repair or maintenance service that you need. However, if you find yourself coming back to the repair shop for brake repairs a little too often, you should probably make a few adjustments to your driving habits. Here are five ways to make your brakes last longer:

  • Don’t Brake So Hard!

  • Sounds simple, right? A lot of us have a lead foot that’s not only heavy on the accelerator but heavy on the brake pedal as well. When you speed from red light to stop sign to traffic jam, it’s necessary to brake hard or slam on brakes. Making a habit out of this will wear down the brake pads a lot quicker, and force you to return to the repair shop for a brake pad replacements. If you take too long to get them replaced, you could be replacing brake rotors or other parts as well.

  • Learn to Coast!

  • This is an excellent habit to help save your brake pad’s wear. Drivers should anticipate upcoming stops and learn to coast to a stop, as opposed to continuing to accelerate, which will require you to brake hard. Allow your vehicle to coast smoothly to a slower speed. This will not require as much pressure on the brake pedal.

  • Look Ahead!

  • Responsible drivers will not only be aware of their surroundings but will also be aware of the surroundings they are about to reach. When drivers know the next two or three traffic signals, they’ll be able to correctly time them and stop appropriately. They can also keep their eyes on vehicles that are slowing down ahead of them.

  • Lose Some Weight!

  • Driving around with your vehicle weighed down by heavy and unnecessary stuff will cause undue wear on your brake pads. If you’re carrying around 50-pound dumbbells in the trunk, this wear-and-tear on your braking system may be more obvious. A heavier vehicle will be even harder on the brakes.

  • Flush With Brake Fluid!

  • To keep your braking system in optimal condition, owners should change brake fluid at the appropriate time. It’s a good idea to bring your vehicle to Kempsville Auto Care in Virginia Beach, VA for a quick but thorough brake check. Flushing brake fluid will make the braking system perform better and last longer.